Capella Singapore Staycation in Brief

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One of the most noticeable landmarks in Singapore is the Capella Singapore which is located at 1 The Knolls, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297. The cruise-ship shape crowned hotel is easy peasy to spot from distance.

Staycation at Capella Singapore

People who can not travel abroad of Singapore, now are encouraged to do the staycation, by booking Hotel near their home. Singapore’s government announced that will give Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers for adults (18 years old and above), which is available to redeemed to get USD 100 in any hotel, including the Capella Singapore.

Even though Singapore is not as wide as its neighbor, but not all Singaporeans have spent their night at the Capella Singapore, the 5-stars hotel. Among the traveler, this hotel is rated as impressive from hundreds of positive reviews. So, why don’t we go there on the next holiday?

Simply open your online booking hotel apps on your smartphone and book the Capella Singapore hotel room which eligible for Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers.

Capella Singapore Facilities

The Capella Singapore has the highest service quality that you can expect. You may choose the various room type that fits your budget, like the harbor view (which is a very beautiful view) or other.

Spent the staycation at the Capella Singapore, means that you will able to use all of their facilities. You can do the gym and while enjoying the view and for sure you can relax at the infinity pool with Your family from the 57 stories height. This pool is the most popular destination at this hotel to enjoy with.

Between your swimming time, You can do sunbathing or just simply take some rest under the palm tree with your favorite beverages (both alcohol and non-alcohol). If you need something to buy, you just visit the SkyPark Gift shop.

Are you hungry? No need to worry, since the Capella Singapore provides a complete menu for you. Simply ask the menu book from the waiter and pick your favorite ones!

Worrying about the security issue at the Capella Singapore? No need! They provide the best effort to limit only the guest that will be able to enter the hotel. Each of guest needs to show their hotel key before they are allowed to enter.

To ensure infinity pool guest health safety, nowadays each room is only allowed to spend 1 hour and 15 minutes per day. Each room needs to book their swimming session, so do not forget to do the early book with Singapore Staycation Deals on traveloka.

Capella Singapore does serious steps to ensure the infinity pool healthy level. The staff will take the infinity pool water samples four times a day, increase the water circulation, and clean all the pool chairs more often than before.

Can we do swimming at night? Sure. You will find a different ambiance when you do your relaxing session between night and day at the infinity pool. During the daytime, you can look at the longest and widest view from the pool. During the night, a romantic atmosphere is very good to enjoy with your lovely ones.


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